Slip trip and fall injury

Slip or Trip and Fall Injury – What to do?

A “slip and fall” injury can be painful and devastating. It can put you out of commission and possibly result in serious or life-threatening injury. Today, because of sky-high medical costs, even minor injuries can result in serious financial problems.

If you are the victim of a “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” accident, you owe it to yourself to talk to an experienced lawyer to learn if you have a winnable case.

You may be entitled to compensation if you were injured on another individual’s property or premises or in a public place such as a subway, roadway or train platform. Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe.   Slip and fall accidents are among the most common cause of serious injuries. However, proving these types of claims requires experience and skill. To get the compensation you deserve, the first thing you should do is to select a lawyer experienced in slip and fall cases.

For over 30 years, the Oshman & Mirisola law firm has been successful winning slip and fall cases for clients and getting our clients the compensation they deserve.

Once you call us, our experienced legal team will go over your personal situation with you and determine if you have a winnable case. We will then work with you to handle all communications and other details required to settle your case successfully.

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Slip and fall accidents are time sensitive so please don’t delay. Remember that there is no cost to you until you receive your settlement.

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